Castle Vale Baptist Church

Baptism and Membership

In common with other Baptist churches, we believe baptism is commanded by Christ for those who make a personal commitment to him.  We therefore practise Believer's Baptism; this is usually by full immersion.



On the birth of a child we offer a thanksgiving or dedication service.



Church Membership is open to all who have made a personal commitment to Christ and who want to make Castle Vale Baptist Church their spiritual home. People usually want to attend for some weeks or months before asking to become a member.

A person can become a member following Believer's Baptism, by profession of faith and/or transfer. Though we ask those not already baptised as believers to give this serious consider­ation, the church also welcomes into membership those from other backgrounds who have completed a different form of Christian initiation, for instance, confirmation.

New members are received in to fellowship at a Communion Service where they are asked to publicly reaffirm their faith.

Guidance notes about membership are available on request.