Castle Vale Baptist Church provide  a "pastoral support service” to Greenwood Academy and is looking to extend this service to local primary schools. We are also providing a Chaplaincy service that walk the streets of Castle Vale to support families and individuals in the community. Chaplains will offer family support, sign post people and share the Gospel message with those who are willing to receive it. All Chaplains will wear a red jacket or Hi Vis with the word Pastoral Support in the back and Castle Vale Chaplaincy Service on the front.

We are looking for volunteers to join us to provide a wider service, please contact Castle Vale Baptist Church (Rev Francis-Green) if you are interested in becoming a volunteer with us.

What is the role of a Chaplain?            

Chaplains provide social, emotional, spiritual and mental health support to students at Greenwood Academy. They are working with the Team Zone to provide a Mentoring Service for the well-being of all students and visit students in their homes when they are experiencing difficulties in school. The service provided aim to prevent and support students; helping them to find a better way to deal with life issues. They also provide a listening ear and a caring presence in the school, this service is available to all students, staff and families.

Please pray for us as we seek to serve our community

Thank you