Sunday Morning Service starts at 11:00 AM.

Communion every second and forth Sunday mornings each month

Bible study and prayer meeting every Tuesday, starts at 7:30 pm. Please email or text for more information (Covid-19 restriction, no Bible study in homes. Bible study is held online (Skype).

Prayer walks around the Castle Vale estate every Tuesday morning.

The Morning Service starts at 11:00 and usually finishes at 12:15 pm with refreshments at the end (No refreshments while the current restriction in place). 

This is a Family Service to which all are welcome and usually includes a children's address if needed. The songs and hymns are a mixture of traditional and more contemporary music. Music and worship is lead by our worship team of musicians and singers. 

Youngsters of school age will share in the first 20-30 minutes of the Morning Service, then go to Junior Church (Sunday School), if required. There will be a crèche/soft space for small children at the back so parents can participate in the service. The service is led by the Minister, Members of the church and lay preachers.


Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday evening each month and the second and fourth Sunday mornings every month. All who love the Lord, of whatever church background, can share in the Communion Service and take the Bread and Wine. Children, once prepared, may also take part. A prayer of blessing is offered to all children and to anyone else who would like to receive this.